I want to rent a van, but I need help deciding on the size

Not sure what size van you need for your next adventure? Most companies offer 5 sizes of vans. If you are planning on moving house, then a box van might be just what you need. But in most cases, a smaller and more economical model might do the trick.

small van

Small Van

Compact, ideal for small loads and city driving.

Small vans are perfect for city adventures or small-scale moving needs, like transporting a couple of kitchen appliances or a few pieces of furniture. Their compact size makes them easy to navigate through tight urban spaces, and they're a breeze to park. Ideal for quick deliveries or small moves, these vans ensure you and your gear get to your destination without a hassle.

midsize van

Midsize Van

Suited for moderate moving and delivery tasks.

Medium vans strike a balance between space and maneuverability, making them suitable for delivery rounds, tradesmen, or moving the contents of a studio or small apartment. They offer more headroom and storage capacity, allowing for the transportation of taller items or several boxes securely. These vans are designed for those who need a bit more space but still want a vehicle that's easy to handle.

large van

Large Van

Spacious, for substantial moving needs and larger items.

Large vans are the go-to option for more significant moving tasks, like relocating to a new house or transporting large pieces of furniture. They provide ample space, ensuring that you can move your belongings efficiently and comfortably. With enough room to secure multiple items, these vans are ideal for those needing to move several items in one go, reducing the number of trips and saving time.

extra-large van

Extra-large Van

Extended length for more significant loads.

For those with even bigger moving needs, long wheelbase vans offer an extended storage area, making them perfect for full-house moves or transporting large equipment. The added length provides more flexibility in how items can be arranged, ensuring safe and secure transportation. These vans are suited for individuals or businesses that require the extra space to move large quantities or oversized items without compromising on comfort.

box van

Box Van

Perfect for moving house or large furniture.

Box vans, or Luton vans, are the ultimate choice for substantial moving projects, offering the highest capacity for furniture, household appliances, and large boxes. Their unique box-shaped storage area allows for an efficient organization of items, maximizing space and protection during transit. Ideal for big moves, like relocating an entire home or office, these vans provide the space and durability needed for heavy-duty tasks.

Search for the perfect van armed with your new knowledge!

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  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Europcar
  • Sixt
  • Record Go
  • Cobre
  • Onefurgo
  • Telefurgo

Which van do you need?

small van

Small Van

Perfect for small moves, deliveries and trips to the DIY store

small van

Midsize Van

Good for students moving digs, a large appliance, or sports kit

small van

Large Van

Perfect for larger moves, multiple boxes or bulky items

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